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Our unique toolkit

We offer 5 well-balanced and well-connected building kits (ex-factory in The Netherlands). Building kits 1,2 and 5 can be completely prefabricated skids, installed in a 20-ft shipping container, ready to plug and play. Technology made in Holland!

1. A HVAC system kit, including: air handling unit, heat pump, heat dissipation, cooling and heating equipment, humidifying and dehumidifying equipment, plenum-connectors, ducts and HVAC controls;

2. An irrigations & fertigation system kit, including: water collection tank, irrigation pump, fertilizer tanks, dosing pumps and controls;

3. A growing system kit, including: hydroponics, growing tables or nutrient film technique;

4. A LED system kit, including: LED fixtures, power supply and controls;

5. A control and software system kit, including: a server that executes growing recipes by refreshing the set points of the underlying HVAC, irrigation and LED controls.

Our suppliers

Our supplier of the HVAC system  Our HVAC supplier is a Dutch market leader in applying plenums and laminar airflow technology in clean rooms and in operating rooms in hospitals. We have asked them to apply their decades of experience and know how to develop a system for indoor farms that allows a larger growing area to be controlled with a single HVAC installation. This has resulted in a module of 300 m2, 30 meters long and 10 meters wide. Increasing the growing area that is connected to the typical technical HVAC equipment has decreased the capex of our indoor farms with over 30% compared to smaller sized modules. A technical solution that regularly changes the flow direction of the air makes it possible to double the length of a module.

Our supplier of the irrigation and fertigation system  Our supplier is a Dutch specialist in small scale precision solutions. Since the size of indoor farms is much smaller than a traditional greenhouse, much of the greenhouse dosing equipment is inaccurate. Therefore we have asked for designing a water and fertiliser dosing system with the accuracy of medical equipment and with full remote control.

Our suppliers of the growing systems  We work together with the best Dutch companies that supply growing systems. They deliver tailor made growing systems up to the desired level of logistical automation. They have great track record and decades of international experience. We are able to select the system that fits best for your specific purposes.

Our supplier of the LED system  Our Dutch LED system supplier is world market leader in applying highly efficient LED lighting for sports fields and large areas like parking lots. Already years ago we have asked them to apply their expertise to create a robust and low maintenance LED system for indoor farms existing of a set of exchangeable components. Even for the actual Light Emitting Diodes we regularly explore the market, looking for the manufacturer that offers the best value for money.

Our supplier of the software  Our software is developed in house, taking full advantage of some keen engineering partners in the Brainport region of Eindhoven. The software runs on a local server that sends the set points according to the growing recipes to the sub-controls of HVAC, LED system, irrigation and fertigation. Over the Internet both you and we have access to the local server to operate the farm.

We apply a unique package of software, growing system, LED system and HVAC system. This interaction is designed to create a combination of growing parameters that is unique and that can only be established in the totally closed and controlled environment of a well-designed indoor farm. Only then the farms are able to grow any crop of any size and realize the highest yields.