WHY CHOOSE US?2019-06-20T07:15:10+00:00

Why choose us?

1. Our long experience is not enough. Our multi disciplinary compositions are equally valuable.2018-04-06T13:35:23+00:00

We have over three decades of experience in breeding, propagating and growing. We are experts in applying mathematical models that explain and predict the growth of different crops and applications. In 2005 we were the very first pioneers in applying specific wavelengths and climate control according to the needs of plants. Instead of copying the outside climate and light conditions we create a new climate designed to make plants happy.


Bringing together all disciplines around one table is not enough.

What matters is: do they all add up to something that matters? Does everybody share the one purpose?

2. We are not build-and-run types. We stay there to care.2018-04-06T13:38:40+00:00

Our expertise goes further than the technical construction. In a more directing role, we constantly keep in mind why and how we build it and how it is meant to operate when finished. Considering the value chain’s desires, that is why we want to get involved in operating the farm. Taking care of arranging financing partners. Giving advice as to where to start: inside or outside the current company. It’s all about money and motivation issues on the seven steps to heaven.

3. Have you ever heard of PropCo-OpCo? Read more…2018-04-06T13:40:59+00:00

Traditionally farmers both own and operate a farm – often a complex business. The opportunity for indoor farming is to decouple owning and operating; the so-called PropCo-OpCo model.

The advantages are that different skills are needed for owning and operating. Now financing can be done via crowd funding, investors, listing, etcetera. Different kinds of investors can own the properties and lease them to operating companies. These are the experts in growing, packaging, marketing, sales and logistics. By choosing this construction, parties can do what they are best at!


4. Starting up inside or outside parent’s house? Share our views on that too.2018-04-13T12:21:53+00:00

For large companies it can be difficult to develop and incorporate disruptive technologies. It conflicts too much with their running processes and they often miss the start-up mentality. We have the experience and know-how to– apart from a company’s current business – create a successful start-up within a few years. The loose connection to the mother company allows us to react fast, be creative and develop the disruption they need. The start-up phase ideally would take 3 years, a good team, sufficient budget and no hassle of corporate governance, reporting etc. After this phase integration in the company might very well be the next logical step…


indoor farming
5. How we integrate tech with plant physiology.2018-04-16T09:32:59+00:00

We understand how technology and plant physiology should go hand in hand in indoor farming. We have learned a lot, especially from the mistakes we have made in the last 12 years, and from the ones that others have made.
We merge technology and plant physiology, apply physics, maths and chemistry. In our indoor farms we use a unique combination of plenums, laminar airflow, cooling methods and humidifying & dehumidifying technologies – all for plant-driven reasons. Some of the eye-openers from past experience:

1. each crop is an adiabatic cooling system on its own;

2. each LED system easily produces so much heat that cooling the air unintentionally causes huge dehumidification;

3. the effect of more or less air flow, in combination with humidity, has a huge effect on the opening of the stomata and thus on the evaporation of water and the uptake of carbon dioxide.

“Tell me, and I will forget; show me, and I may remember; involve me, and I will understand.”

Confucius, ca 450 BC

6. We can’t do without local involvement.2018-04-17T08:56:21+00:00

We want our clients to take full advantage of local opportunities and resources.

Local companies are involved in installing and maintaining the indoor farm. Our team offers different optional levels of support.
 Also look at our unique toolkit: read here… 

Together with us, local staff will take care of operating the indoor farm.

Example Africa (artist impression). In 2050 80% of African population will be living in cities.

Local production by local people.

7. We are a rare amalgam of no nonsense and passion2018-04-16T11:01:44+00:00

We co-initiated the first prototype with red en blue LED lights in 2005, we were the co-founders of PlantLab in 2010 and of Here, There & Everywhere in 2015. Next to being able to design and build, we know how to operate an indoor farm. We can make an indoor farm perform better and better. This is our passion: getting the most out of our plants. Together as a team and with our partners. Continuously learning, together seeking new insights and translate that to the next design of farm and climate. Always looking for the next level.

indoor farming