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Seven Steps To Heaven


We are on a mission to contribute to a world where everybody will have access to secure and safe food. Food grown in energy efficient, modular indoor farms: using 90% less water and zero pesticides.
Grown locally in order to reduce transportation and pollution. Harvested at the perfect time, fresh and ripe. Accessible, nutritious, tasty and affordable. We are growing the food every human has the right to eat.
We are on a mission: Seven Steps To Heaven.

Design, build and (co-)operate.
Seven Steps To Heaven applies proprietary indoor farming solutions and decades of experience in order to enable breakthroughs in breeding, propagating, and growing. We support start-ups and existing companies in improving and accelerating their performances and are actively involved in creating new business opportunities and partnerships.

Heaven – Fine Botanical Art

In 2019, we founded Heaven – Fine Botanical Art, which seeks and grows the most beautiful botanical herbs and veggies for chefs, baristas and cocktail shakers to create their works of art. The most beautiful flowers, leaves and fruits rouse the senses. Our seasonings improve dishes and drinks in scent, taste and experience. Read more about the fine flavors of the unique herbs and veggies that grow under our purple sky at Heaven – Fine Botanical Art.

Seven Steps To Heaven is founded by Lianne and Gertjan Meeuws in 2018.

indoor farming
indoor farming
indoor farming