Let’s Dance

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Be welcome! At a first look on this website, you might think, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of text’. But don’t worry, our goal is not to overwhelm, but to inspire. In a world where we’re used to quick soundbites and rapid info, we appreciate your willingness to dive a little deeper. This site – and especially the vision page – serves as an open letter, a ‘White Paper’. It’s for everyone, with a particular emphasis on significant consumers of agricultural products, government officials, and urban planners.

We also delve into the historical context of vertical farming’s development and our unique journey. We’ve deliberately refrained from providing an in-depth explanation of what vertical farming is and how it operates. We assume that most people already possess a basic understanding of the concept. However, if you’re interested in exploring further, you can discover two informative videos under ‘BRIDGING’, along with a reference to a comprehensive book for those who are eager to learn.

We’re on a mission to create ample space for nature while ensuring that 10 billion people have enough to eat. It’s a significant undertaking. We believe in finding balance, rather than adopting the roles of either ‘Prophet’ or ‘Wizard’, as discussed in Charles C. Mann’s book. Our goal is to introduce a fresh perspective, initiating a paradigm shift in the way we perceive the world today. You are invited to join the swarm: Let’s Dance!

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