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Pioneering Sustainable Indoor Farming from Eindhoven, Netherlands

Our office and state-of-the-art Research and Development (R&D) facility of Seven Steps To Heaven are situated in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Perched 28 meters above the ground, we are based at the top floor of the Innovation Powerhouse, a former Philips factory building, a vantage point that underscores our commitment to innovation. This farm represents version 10.0, symbolizing our continuous journey and progress since we constructed our initial indoor farm prototype in 2005.

Unveiling Miles Davis’s Inspirational Symphony

Many wonder about the origins of our company name, ‘Seven Steps To Heaven’. It’s a tribute to the genius of Miles Davis, the iconic jazz trumpeter and composer, and his masterpiece composition, ‘Seven Steps To Heaven’. This musical marvel was crafted during the groundbreaking mid-1960s, a testament to Davis’s visionary spirit in the realm of jazz.

At its core, ‘Seven Steps To Heaven’ reflects Davis’s musical philosophy, embodying progress and evolution. The number ‘seven’ in the title symbolizes a journey of musical advancement, representing steps toward a higher artistic realm—an artistic ‘heaven’. Miles Davis’s courage to challenge jazz conventions echoes in this composition, embracing fresh harmonies and emphasizing melody.

Embracing the Davis Spirit
In the spirit of Davis’s innovative approach to music, we’ve adopted the name ‘Seven Steps To Heaven’ for our company. It symbolizes our commitment to innovation and our journey towards a higher standard in indoor farming, mirroring the relentless pursuit of progress that Davis epitomized.

Moreover, this name is more than just a label. It sparks engaging conversations, inviting curiosity and setting the stage for captivating dialogues.

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