Blending Vistas

Bridging Stages, Books, and Academia

As early pioneers, we possess an abundance of experience in crafting the narrative that defines the novel supply chain and indoor farming landscape. Our journey has been enriched by stage performances, literary contributions, and fruitful collaborations with esteemed universities.

Empowering Minds on Global Stages
We have graced dozens of stages as speakers, contributing our insights at various prestigious events such as: Pinc-food (2010), Carolyn Steel – writer of ‘Hungry City’ (2011), Beijing Design Week (2011), Noord-Brabant Trade Mission in Wuxi, China (2012), TEDx Brainport (2012), Future of Vertical Farming, Washington, with prof.dr. Gene Giacomelli, prof. dr. Dickson Despommier and prof.dr. Toyoki Kozai (2012), Food Inspiration Days (2012), Dutch Design-Week Eindhoven (2013), The Food Summit at Stanford University, Silicon Valley (2013), Opening of PlantLab Research Center together with the Dutch King Willem Alexander (2014), University of Stellenbosch (2015), Design Indaba Cape Town (2015), The Indoor Farming Event in Luanda, Angola (2016), Fruit Logistica in Berlin (2017), ABN AMRO Prinsjesdag Ontbijt, The Hague (2017), TEDx Johannesburg (2018), Future Proof in Leiden (2018), Urban Future in Oslo (2019), VertiFarm in Wageningen (2019), High Tech Campus Eindhoven (2020).

Sharing Wisdom Worldwide

We have also contributed our insights to numerous interviews, international magazines, newspapers, documentaries, and influential books, including ‘The Vertical Farm’ by prof.dr. Dickson Despommier (2010) and ‘Smart Plant Factory’ by prof.dr. Kozai (2018).

Walking the Path of Knowledge and Collaboration

Our commitment to advancing indoor farming is strengthened by our collaborations with esteemed universities like the University of Leiden, Wageningen University & Research, and Stanford University, among others

Our fellow pioneer: prof.dr. Dickson Despommier. Unraveling the Essence of Vertical Farming (Click and look)

Gertjan as PlantLab’s CEO at TEDx Brainport 2012. Dissecting Misconceptions about Indoor Farming (Click and look)

Explore ‘Smart Plant Factories’ by prof.dr. Kozai. Delve into the pages of this insightful book where we proudly, alongside our esteemed colleague dr. Marc Kreuger, authored the chapters #8 and #18, contributing to the collective wisdom within.

Seven Steps To Heaven is a proud member of the following prominent Foundations: International Society of Horticultural Science – Japan Plant Factory Association – Association for Vertical Farming.

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